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Gluten-Free Globetrotting: Top Tips

As anyone with Celiac (or any gluten allergy and/or sensitivity) can attest, traveling or finding meals on the go can be highly stressful. Because BeFreeGFree travels often for work and leisure, we have plenty of experience finding healthy and delicious gluten-free options in new and foreign environments.

Here are three tips to help you prepare for safe, satisfying, and fun gluten-free travel:

  • Research your location before traveling. First, use a gluten-free app like findmeglutenfree to research highly-rated gluten-free restaurants. If traveling abroad, download or print gluten-free translation cards to help you order. Finally, contact your hotel for local gluten-free options and recommendations.

  • Pack plenty of ready to eat gluten-free snacks. Some of our favorites include gluten-free jerky, crackers, granola bars, nuts and dried fruit. When traveling abroad, research certified gluten-free symbols in your destination.

  • Bring enzymes. If you accidentally get “glutened” the best remedy is a digestive enzyme. Carry these with you at all times; they may help reduce symptoms and down time.

In conclusion, being prepared has allowed us to engage in much deeper conversations with the local people, and experience new cultures more fully.


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